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At Rabbit Ridge Farms, we believe in the old way of things. We grow the kind of pigs your grandpa used to.

Farm Life

At Rabbit Ridge Farms, we believe in the old way of things. We grow the kind of pigs your grandpa used to.
Our farm is a place you can visit and enjoy! Our hogs and cattle roam freely and they love company!


Our farm is a place you can visit and enjoy! Our hogs and cattle roam freely and they love company!
The pigs love when Angela shows up with treats!

Pigs LOVE Treats!

The pigs love when Angela shows up with treats!

About Rabbit Ridge Farms

Rabbit Ridge Farms has a beautiful history that tells the story of three generations of Mahans starting in the 1800s. Alan Mahan fondly remembers his younger days growing up on Rabbit Ridge Farms where he learned the cattle trade. Through the years he developed a taste for the quiet way of life. However, he recognized that there were opportunities to do things better...better for the land, better for the animals, better for the future. He also recognized there were many folks who appreciated the quality meat you can acquire from sustainable farming practices.

And so the evolution of the Rabbit Ridge Farms took motion.

Back in the flat-lands of Northeast Arkansas, Angela Mahan grew up on a row crop farm raising cotton, rice, and soybeans. In 2013, she and Alan were married; their varying farm-backgrounds gave them a unique view in their approach to farm life. And it continues to help them evolve their practices at Rabbit Ridge.

Several years ago, Alan and Angela vowed to feed their family only meat produced on the farm. They already raised cows so it made sense to add pigs next. A trip to pick up one animal turned into bringing home 7 sows, 1 boar, and several babies because their confined conditions were so deplorable. Feel free to read more about it in their blog. Chickens will be added in Spring of 2017. The Mahan's goal is to be as sustainable as possible and share that possibility with you.

Life on Rabbit Ridge is not a job; it's a way of life. Zack, the oldest of Alan and Angela's four children, grew up helping on the farm. Now a college graduate and out working on his own, he still enjoys helping with creating and testing new products. Maggie is well known for her athletic talents which came in handy for carrying heavy feed buckets or helping move animals to fresh pasture. Jacob has mechanical talents and has been driving a tractor since he was 8. Crafton, the youngest, has numerous daily chores like watering the pigs and feeding the dogs.

Alan and Angela are excited about these growing opportunities and look forward to sharing their journey with you!

Our Family
Our Family

Our Family

Jacob (19), Maggie (20), Angela, Alan, Zack (25), and Crafton (15)

Meet the team

Part of the charm of Rabbit Ridge Farms is the friendly team who helps out! When you arrive you can always expect to be greeted by one of the three helpmates, Duke, Call or the ring-leader, Charlie. They can be found roaming the farm or napping in the dog condo custom-built by Alan!

Take a moment to learn more about the Mahan's crew below.



Rabbit Ridge has always been Alan's home. He grew up on his father's dairy farm and swore he would never have cows. Evidently, farming runs through his veins because he ended up acquiring his own herd of cows in his 20s. Alan has been a General Contractor for 25+ years, but his heart has always been drawn to the farm. He even purchased his Grandfather's homeplace in 2000 and resides there with his family.



As a former flatlander, Angela has adjusted well to life in the hills. Her background included working and teaching at a postsecondary institution so she enjoys writing and researching. She also enjoys checking on the animals with Alan and finds watching them to be therapeutic.

the kids

The Kids

Zack is a sales rep for Premier Paints and is engaged to Jordan, a speech pathologist. Maggie is majoring in Environmental Biology at ASU and plays basketball for the Red Wolves. Jacob is a member of the Arkansas Air National Guard. Crafton is a high school student at Nemo Vista. They all help out with life on the farm when they are home; however, they help us do what we do every day by making good decisions.

beloved farm hands


Rest in Peace Charlie (2019)

Also known as the Alpha dog, Charlie is a 14 year old mix who is particularly special to the farm. He was discovered years ago by Maggie on her way to pre-school. She saw Charlie, who was then a stray pup, and cried to her teacher how much she longed to have him. The teacher told her to bring Charlie to school the next day which she did!

Despite being the smallest of the crew, his attitude is certainly the biggest. He keeps the critters away including snakes and coons and even catches mice! His good habits have taught the other dogs a thing or two, as well.

beloved 190

Rest in Peace 190 (2017)

One of the most notable and intriguing characters of the farm is "190"--- the beloved cow who is both the leader of the herd and friendly companion of the Mahans. Alan notes that even as a calf, 190 was exceptionally friendly; allowing Alan to pet her at his leisure. As she grew, her sweet nature remained. To this day she still enjoys company and being petted just like one of the dogs!

190 also serves the farm as well being the bell cow. She helps calm the herd down and leads them where they need to go. Alan has been so impressed with 190 that he confesses he'll never part with her.



Call is a 5 year old black lab who seemed destined to be a part of the farm. He comes from a long line of hunting dogs, but since he is gun shy, his hunting is limited to turtles from the pond. And he actually enjoys playing with them...as much as a turtle can actually play. His energetic personality provides a great deal of comic relief on the farm.


Rest in Peace Sadie (2017)

Sadie is the Mahans' sweet yellow lab whose kind nature brings many smiles to all who visit Rabbit Ridge Farms. Angela and her boys brought her with them from the flatlands. Like Charlie, she was stray so they don't know her exact age. Even though she is getting up there in years, she still loves to follow the tractor on the farm or wrestle with Call.

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