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Chicken bone broth

So . . . I have vowed for quite a while to blog about the farm. When I tell friends and family about the happenings here, the response is always, "You should write that down!" or "Other people would love to hear that story." Well, I confess that I am bad about letting life get in the way of things. Which is silly because blogging about the happenings here at the farm is what our daily life is about. Alan and I are involved in every aspect of the farm from taking care of the animals to preparing food we serve to marketing our products to making deliveries to hosting weddings to you name it! Our lives are full, but we are so grateful for our life. I need to get past that I don't always have on makeup (see photo from our day of broth making lol!), I won't always write something profound, and blogging isn't about only the things that go right. or are going well or look pretty. So . . . I am going to do my best to do better about sharing things that are going on here at Rabbit Ridge. Enjoy!

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