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Pasture Raised Cows

We believe in the importance of high standards of animal husbandry and allowing our animals to live in an environment that is a natural habitat for that species.
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We Believe In Nature's Way

Our pigs can root in the woods and graze the pasture. Yes, that's right, pigs graze, too!
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Keeping The Tradition

We believe in the importance of eating clean, healthy food and would like to share that opportunity with others.
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Nutritious Meat Source

We feel that the less processed the product, the healthier the food.

Pasture Raised Cattle and Forest Fed Hogs

At Rabbit Ridge Farms we like to do things differently. Like the old days. That's why we raise cattle and hogs the way your Grandpa used to before the rise of mass production and unnecessary hormonal treatments. We keep things simple and natural...the way God intended. Here, our animals are able to graze peacefully and the pigs root at their leisure.

On our sustainable farm, we ensure our animals have a free range life and are nourished with a healthy variety of feed, grass, berries, nuts and more. That's why you could say we're "better than organic" because unlike what the labels imply, many "organic" meats vary little from the commercialized meat factories.

With Rabbit Ridge Farms, you know where your meat originates. And trust us when we say, you'll notice a remarkable difference in taste; the tenderness and protein-rich flavor are unprecedented from anything you've ever tried from the grocery store. And it's healthier for you. Since our animals graze freely, they acquire a plethora of micro-nutrients so they offer more "good" fats and omega-3s and antioxidants including vitamins E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. We never use hormones or antibiotics.

All of our cattle are premium Black Angus because we only deal with the best. We raise several varieties of pigs including Duroc, Hampshire and Yorkshire that are crossed with a Berkshire.

We treat our animals ethically and humanely. It is actually quite simple. The animals are raised in their intended, natural habitat with some additional comforts like shelter and fresh, clean water.

Rabbit Ridge Farms uses farming techniques that protect the environment and animal welfare. We practice responsible farm management to enable us to produce healthful food for our family and yours.

Visit our animals, pet the dogs, purchase some delicious meat for your family. Just contact us first to ensure our availability.
We welcome families, school groups, and anyone who wants to learn more. In the meantime, check out our blog to see what is happening on the farm.

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Proud Mix 30 Dealers

The All Natural Cattle Feed.

Contact Alan Mahan at (501) 412-8728 for questions about our feed. To learn more about Mix 30, click the link below to explore their website.