Rabbit Ridge Farms
484 Rabbit Ridge Road Bee Branch, Arkansas 72013
(501) 335-7777

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Farm to table

As part of our way of life here at Rabbit Ridge Farms, we raise free range cattle, hogs and chickens that are nourished and tended to the way God intended. From our family to yours, we supply fresh, savory cuts of meat you can purchase right here on our website. With multiple delivery and pick up options, we make it easy to have fresh meat for your household. And trust us when we say, you'll notice a remarkable difference in taste.




We proudly raise animals for the cleanest healthiest protein you can trust . . .

because you can trust us! We are a family farm that encourages visitors.

We ship our farm fresh meats that are better than organic all over the contiguous states.

We do not host any public events in January or February. Stay tuned for our scheduled dates and STAY WELL!

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