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Jan 15, 2019 »

o we post a lot of pictures of the cute animals on the farm or delicious food we prepare, BUT we also have beautiful weddings here at the farm with stunning brides and handsome grooms. I thought it would be fun to feature the brides who have had their weddings here at Rabbit Ridge. They have been kind enough to share some of the fun details about their special day and even pictures!

Our first lovely bride is Stacy Gordon Scott. She married her handsome groom Tyler Scott on March 24th, 2018. The…

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Jan 10, 2018 »

So . . . I have vowed for quite a while to blog about the farm. When I tell friends and family about the happenings here, the response is always, "You should write that down!" or "Other people would love to hear that story." Well, I confess that I am bad about letting life get in the way of things. Which is silly because blogging about the happenings here at the farm is what our daily life is about. Alan and I are involved in every aspect of the farm from taking care of the animals to preparing…

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And on this farm, we had some PIGS! Sep 07, 2017 »

It seems fitting that I tell you how pigs came to the farm since we were originally Rabbit Ridge Cattle and pigs were what made the shift to Rabbit Ridge Farms. Alan and I decided that we wanted to work toward feeding our family as much as possible rather than buy meat at the grocery store and since we already raised cows for our own beef, pigs seemed like the next appropriate step.

Rabbit Ridge is in the Boston Mountains which is part of the Ozarks so there are spots of open pasture but there…

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Let's Go Back to the Beginning Aug 29, 2017 »

I recently agreed to speak to the Lions Club at my hometown. As I began to work on my presentation, I realized that I have never documented the beginning of Rabbit Ridge Farms. There are so many details, it would take days to write (it would actually make a fantastic chick flick) so I thought I would give you the condensed version.

Going way back . . . I grew up on a conventional row crop farm in Blytheville, AR. My dad grew cotton, soybeans, corn, and occasionally milo. I loved to play in…

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