Rabbit Ridge Farms
484 Rabbit Ridge Road Bee Branch, Arkansas 72013
(501) 335-7777

Visit the farm

There is so much to do here at Rabbit Ridge Farms. We are a working farm so be sure to check out the dates and times that are available for you to visit.

breakfast at the farm

BREAKFAST at the farm...

Want to enjoy the stillness and quiet of the mornings at the farm? Join us for breakfast where we serve all of favorite breakfast items . . . bacon, jowl, ham, and so much more. Sip your coffee while sitting on the porch and watching the animals graze. Click here for the schedule of breakfast dates.

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Dinner At The Farm

DINNER at the farm...

Imagine a majestic sunset with cows in the background while enjoying laughter and delicious food. Dinner at the Farm is a unique dining and social experience. This is not your typical eat and run kind of restaurant. We want you to take a load off and stay a while! Bring old friends; make new ones! Click here for the schedule for dinner dates and details.

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TOURS of the farm...

We are a farm that you can actually visit! Not only can you visit, but we will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of how we raise our animals . . . because we are proud to show that off! Whether you want the overview or the dig deep details, we have a tour for you. Click here for upcoming tours.

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WORKSHOPS & events...

Whether you are someone who wants to learn about how to raise some chickens in your backyard or someone who wants to hobby farm or even make a living on the farm, we have TONS of information to share with you. Click here for dates and details about upcoming workshops or special events.

Click here for workshops and special farm events!