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Easter 2022 Weekend
Alan Mahan

Easter Weekend 2022 Recap!

We had a great Easter weekend celebrating with friends, siblings, cousins . . . lots of family!

We started with weekend of at Jacob's new home (the house where I lived until I was 10; how fun is that?) where he hosted a cookout for some of his co-workers who are nontraditional American farmers! South Africans and Mexicans that travel to America on 9-month work visas to make in one year what would take 4 years in their countries. These are hard working good folks! Our Son Jacob (blue shirt) works with these guys in Mississippi County AR….where I (Angela) is from, so naturally we cooked! Jacob has a fire wing recipe, the South Africans made their specialty on the grill, the beer was cold and we got hear about life in South Africa and Mexico.

Sharing traditions over food is the best!

We spent Saturday hanging out together and even found a basketball for a quick game.

This is the third generation of friendship . . . Bo's grandmother and Jacob's grandmother are besties and Stephanie (Bo's momma) and I are BFFs. :)

The youngest kiddo . . . and 2nd tallest!

My brother Drew with our momma

They always seem to find a basketball.

We celebrated Alan's birthday (April 22nd) and Jacob's birthday (April 26th) with Key West shrimp, Rabbit Ridge Farms chicken, and cake . . . lots of cake!

But the main (and best) reason for the visit was our annual trip to my home church at Blytheville Methodist Church for Easter service.

My brother's beautiful family . . . Drew, Julia, Lake, and Noah Ramey

Our oldest son Zack with his precious wife Jordan and little Clarke Isla.

Our favorite daughter Maggie and my niece Lake . . . both are beautiful inside and out.

Three generations . . . my dad, my oldest son (the third in our Ma-B crew), and me :)

This Meem's heart is so incredibly full!

My favorite guy all cleaned up.

These pictures make me so happy because they are visuals of the love that we have that started with hope . . . hope that I pray you fhave not just on Easter but every day.

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