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Family is Ever Changing


Family . . . as a momma, my family is my everything. But as a momma, I have to be willing to not only accept but also to embrace change because it is going to happen whether I like it or not. I am so proud of our family and the many changes that are taking place right now . . .

Our son Zack and daughter-in-law Jordan are expecting our first grandchild, a sweet girl, in August!

Our daughter Maggie just graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in Environmental Biology with minors in Political Science and Business. She has accepted a 15 week internship in Nashville with Rogers Group.

Our son Jacob is joining a custom harvesting company next week where he will travel the Midwest harvesting wheat, barley, beans, milo, sunflowers, and corn.

And our youngest Crafton is graduating from the Arkansas School for Math, Sciences, and the Arts and will attend the University of Central Arkansas in the fall.

We are often asked if any of the children will take over the farm. Who knows?!? They have all worked on the farm in various capacities and contributed in different ways over they years, but none of them have expressed a strong interest in doing what we do . . . yet. ;)

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